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Dog Days


A complete Unity3D game project. See how a full cross-platform game project is made in Unity, without having to clone the project (to handle different platforms) or even a single scene. See how to take advantage of preprocessor directives.

- roles: programming, sound design.

project page

game preview (Kongregate)

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Cargo Delivery (port)


The original Cargo Delivery ported from flash to Unity. All graphics were digitally enhanced to double its previous resolution (from 1024x768 to 2048x1536).

- roles: programming, sound design.

[link coming soon (feb 2013)]

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Texture Tools - Unity3D Plugin


Texture Tools is a plugin that enables you to tweak some aspects of your textures inside Unity. All filters/tasks run in a separate thread, so they don't stop you from working on your game scenes.

- roles: everything.

Unity3D forum page

SWF2PNG preview video

asset store link

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Gedanken is a 2D platform game with gameplay based on the challenges of physics logic and action. The player controls a small particle with a quantum powered weapon to entangle and manipulate objects in the environment and covers many different planets in a galaxy in search of self-knowledge.

- roles: programming, design.

watch the trailer on

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Totem Destroyer Deluxe


This game is way bigger than just a browser game. Totem Destroyer Deluxe is a complete desktop/iPad/iPhone game. With totally new mechanics, HD graphics, awesome music and social features. Scheduled to be launched on: Steam, Apple App Store (Worldwide).

- roles: programming.

play the demo on

  • img/portfolio/totemdestroyerdeluxe/01.jpg
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The Eerie Crooked Show


Another good result of a university collaborative project, The Eerie Crooked Show is a game based on a brazillian movie called "Friendly Fire". For this game, we adapted the script and some cameras that were used in the movie. Since this title is not released yet, you can take a look at the game by the youtube link below.

- roles: programming.

watch a trailer on

  • img/portfolio/theeeriecrookedshow/01.jpg
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Cargo Delivery


With different physics based puzzle mechanics and a watercolor based art, Cargo Delivery is the first brazillian game to be a finalist of an international games festival. Cargo Delivery was a finalist on Indiecade 2010!

- roles: programming.

[project link soon! (Feb 2013)]

  • img/portfolio/cargodelivery/01.jpg
  • img/portfolio/cargodelivery/02.jpg

Sally's Cats


A experimental game about a witch that lost her cats in the woods.

- roles: programming.

play Sally's Cats on

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This game was a collaborative university project. We had about four months to adapt a story and make a whole game out of it. In Annima, the player uses ants to make bridges, ropes and balls so he can use and control these different shapes to overcome the obstacles of the game.

- roles: programming, co-design.

[project link soon! (Feb 2013)]

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Totem Destroyer II


The sequel of Totem Destroyer brought some new types of blocks and 50 new levels.

- Over 20 million plays by the end of 2010!

- roles: programming, design.

play Totem Destroyer II on

  • img/portfolio/totemdestroyer2/01.jpg
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Totem Destroyer


Totem Destroyer is the first puzzle game of it's kind (removing blocks while making an object not hit the ground at the same time). Back in 08, it "inspired" other developers to make puzzle games based on this mechanics.

- By the end of 2009, Totem Destroyer was played over 30 million times.

- Totem Destroyer was chosen the best puzzle game of 2008 by Nonoba Flash Game Awards.

- roles: everything.

play Totem Destroyer on

  • img/portfolio/totemdestroyer/01.jpg
  • img/portfolio/totemdestroyer/02.jpg
  • img/portfolio/totemdestroyer/03.jpg

Armor Picross II


This sequel of Armor Picross brought many improvements (like saving a partially done puzzle to resume it some other time). There are over 75 puzzles in this version.

- roles: programming, design (with Kenney Vleugels).

play Armor Picross II on

  • img/portfolio/armorpicross2/01.jpg
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Armor Picross


This game is a nonogram/picross game. The goal is to form a picture by filling tiles based on numerical clues. Inspired by Mario Picross, Armor Picross was a game made by me and Kenney Vleugels, while we were making exclusive games for Armor Games.

- roles: programming, co-design.

play Armor Picross on

  • img/portfolio/armorpicross/01.jpg
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World Defense


This is a different defense game. Instead of buying turrets and placing them on a map, the player spins a flat 2d world to avoid asteroids from hitting the buildings. Made with Kenney Vleugels (

- roles: programming, co-design.

play World Defense on

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Slitz is a 2d space battle game that happens in an arena. This was my first opportunity to make an AI that helps the player out. It can be played solo, with another player or with the AI bot.

- roles: programming, design, sound.

play Slitz on

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A port of FarseerPhysics to Unity3D.

Unity3D asset store page


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CoreBKP makes it easier to backup your personal files and projects. The backup service runs in background, and it's fast. You just have to select a folder (you can also choose to back-up the subfolders) to be backed up, a destination and a schedule then you're done.

CoreBKP project page

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This is my (mostly) programming portfolio. I'm currently the co-owner of Cats in the Sky, a small indie games studio. In this portfolio, you will find the games I made/programmed that I find relevant to point out. I started making games professionaly since 2006 (back then, just browser games). Since I started my graduation at Anhembi Morumbi University, I tend to get involved with bigger/non-flash games.


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